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Early Fall 2023


All activities of Aruna Partnership are inspired by the vision of Dr. Hugo Maier and his wife Anne Maier, founders of Shanthimalai Trust. We are unendingly grateful to the Maiers (affectionately called Appa and Amma), to the beloved people of India, and to you our donors for the privilege of participating in this work.

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A Closer Look at School Sponsorship

Aruna Partnership works closely with the schools that our sponsor children attend. Founded and administered by two Shanthimalai Trusts, these schools give students from rural villages the opportunity to complete secondary school and go on to further training and college – opportunities that, due to family circumstances, would otherwise be closed to them.

Spotlight on Sponsors

Celia and Gregory Jackmauh began sponsoring Lavanya Kumar when she was 10. She is now 22, married with a baby, and graduating soon from Pharmacy school. At the beginning of the year, Celia  visited Lavanya in her home village and met with her family. There was a profound connection, formed over the many years of sponsorship between the two families. It was enriching and rewarding on both sides. 

Online Donations

It’s easy to donate online to the program of your choice. Donations are fully-tax deductible as allowed by law in the United States. General donations make it possible for us to allocate funds where they’re needed most.

We are working to empower, educate, and inspire future generations.

You can help

The School Sponsorship Program is funded through your tax-deductible donations. 

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