Ashiribee's Story


Ashiribee came from a very poor family and needed financial support to attend school. Aruna Partnership found a dedicated sponsor who committed to funding Ashiribee’s entire education. Her illiterate parents valued this chance for their daughter and urged her to stay in school – even in the face of opposition from their extended family.

“I’m the first in my family to get an education,” Ashiribee explains. “I told my parents I want to learn new things and contribute to society by helping others. My father and mother encouraged me to work hard and show who I am.”  

A Coveted Job

After high school, Ashiribee’s sponsor continued to support her through the Shanthimalai Skill Development Program (SSDP). Graduating from college with a degree in electronics and communications, Ashiribee was hired by Tata Consultancy Services, India’s largest consulting firm. She credits SSDP with preparing her to compete for a job with the best in the country – and win. “Developing our English and other soft skills made a huge difference. The program also gave me mentors who helped build my character and encouraged me to become more confident and more independent. I needed these skills to be able to grow as a person and compete successfully at work.”

Making a Difference 

Ashiribee dreams that someday she herself will be able to sponsor a child who otherwise would not have the chance to pursue an education. She explains, “Based on my personal experience, I know the difficulties that can stand in the way. As a girl in my culture, I should be getting married, having children. I’m here now only because of the support I’ve received through the School Sponsorship Program and SSDP. I’m grateful to my sponsor and want to offer the same support to another child and give her the same opportunities I have had.”

Please consider making a donation to the School Sponsorship Program in Ashiribee’s honor, or experience the joy of sponsoring a student!

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