“In reports about developing countries, one often hears only of need and suffering. Only by remembering the values and outstanding achievements of these ancient high cultures can there be a fruitful reciprocity.”

Dr. Hugo Maier and Mrs. Anne Maier
Founders of Shanthimalai

Our Programs

Pandemic Relief

Our partners in India collaborate with local government to provide multi-pronged relief during this unprecedented and ongoing crisis.

School Sponsorship

When you sponsor a child through Aruna Partnership, you not only help the individual student, you strengthen the entire community.  

Skill Development Program

Skill Development empowers young people in difficult circumstances to find viable employment and purpose.

Widows Project

The Om Shanthi Project provides a loving home for abandoned elderly widows and meaningful employment for younger widows.

Environmental Stewardship

The Environmental Stewardship Program coordinates with local authorities to replenish and preserve the environment around the sacred mountain Arunachala through a number of sustainable model projects.

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