100% of your gifts to Aruna Partnership go to the people in India you want to support.


You may donate directly to the programs of your choice. 

General Donations give us the flexibility to send help to the areas of greatest need.

Our Programs

Hybrid Learning

Your gift will fund:

  • Hardware (iPads or smartphones)
  • Software (server, Zoom, Learning Management teams, learning platform)
  • Data communication channels
  • Online educational content
  • Teacher training in technology and online/in-person hybrid interface

School Sponsorship Program

Donations to the program enable local children to receive a quality education while remaining in their villages. You may make a gift of any amount.

SPONSORING a child’s education is a rewarding experience that requires a ten-year commitment. The suggested donation is $480/year. You will receive a photograph of the child when you sign up and can watch your child’s progress through annual photographs and school reports. If you choose to write to your sponsor child, you will receive a letter once a year in return.

For more information, or to sign up to sponsor:

Shanthimalai Skill Development Program

Contributions to the Skill Development Program (SSDP) open doors for deserving high school graduates who qualify for vocational training programs or higher education. You may make a gift of any amount.

For $580/year, many school sponsors choose to support their students when they go on to college or enroll in vocational training. The annual SSDP sponsorship donation covers:

  • College tuition or vocational training fees
  • Costs of books & other materials
  • Food
  • Transportation and lodging

Widows Project

The Om Shanthi Project seeks to open hearts and minds to the plight of women in great need,  in the hope of a better world for us all. Funds for this project are used for:

  • Food and free medical care
  • Housing for elderly widows in the Om Shanthi Old Age Home
  • Job training for destitute women
  • Educational support for widows’ children

Environmental Stewardship

The Girivalam Seva Project employs widows and other destitute women to care for the ancient pilgrim route that circles Arunachala, the sacred Mountain at the heart of the district we serve. Many thousands walk this path continuously, leaving huge amounts of waste. This causes a serious health risk, especially to children and animals. Girivalam Seva raises awareness about the importance of environmental stewardship.

  • $10 installs one trash barrel along the road
  • $140 employes 4 trash collectors for 1 month
  • $500 covers the costs of Girivalam Seva for two weeks

Prefer snail mail?

Please make checks payable to Aruna Partnership and mail to:

Aruna Partnership
c/o Kate Butler
432 West Durham St.
Philadelphia, PA 19119

Thank you!

Your support is an essential part of everything we do.

The Aruna Partnership is a non-profit organization incorporated in the USA and recognized with 501(c)3 status. Donations are fully tax deductible in the United States.

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