Spring 2015 Newsletter


All activities of Aruna Partnership are inspired by the vision of Dr. Hugo Maier and his wife Anne Maier, founders of Shanthimalai Trust. We are unendingly grateful to the Maiers (affectionately called Appa and Amma), to the beloved people of India, and to you our donors for the privilege of participating in this work.

Newsletters will be emailed twice a year. If you have questions or suggestions, please contact us at info@arunapartnership.org.

Program Highlights

Program Highlights

Your generosity, and the effective way your gifts are used, changes lives. With deep gratitude, we thank you and invite you to read on...

A Closer Look: PTP

A Closer Look at the Om Shanthi Home for Elderly Widows

The widows of Om Shanthi welcomed us into their home with warm smiles, hugs, and shining eyes. We want to share with you the astonishing joy that inspires us even now, months after our return. Read more.

Spotlight on Sponsors

Spotlight on Sponsors

In 7th grade, Mira Berko put part of each paycheck from her first job into a mason jar, saving up to sponsor a child's education. Since then, she has sponsored two more children. For Mira and her husband Alex, sponsoring Devagi is an expression of their mutual commitment to helping others. Read why.


Focus on Design

Handloom weaving is a vital part of the cultural heritage of South India. The art had almost died out in this region. Now, thanks to the Shanthimalai Handicrafts Development Society and the efforts of young widows working with Martha Daligan, a weaving renaissance is underway. Each piece they produce is a creative act, a work of art. Learn more.

Online Donations

It's easy to donate online to the program of your choice. Donations are fully tax deductible in the United States. Donate now!