Fall 2018 Newsletter


All activities of Aruna Partnership are inspired by the vision of Dr. Hugo Maier and his wife Anne Maier, founders of Shanthimalai Trust. We are unendingly grateful to the Maiers (affectionately called Appa and Amma), to the beloved people of India, and to you our donors for the privilege of participating in this work.

Newsletters will be emailed twice a year. If you have questions or suggestions, please contact us at info@arunapartnership.org.

Program Highlights

Program Highlights

Aruna Partnership has worked with Shanthimalai to help villagers help themselves-every day, year after year, for over 30 years. 100% of every dollar you give goes directly to India to the projects you support. See program news.

A Closer Look

A Closer Look at Finding Jobs for Young Widows

Tamilarasi's hopes for the future rest in her children's education. Her loving self-sacrifice is part of a powerful circle of caring: the community caring for the mother, who cares for the son, who will one day care for the community. Read more.

Spotlight on Sponsors

Spotlight on Sponsors

Marjorie Layman, a freelance science writer and artist, feels that having an open mind and heart are the keys to a good life. She is joyful that Thendral recently finished his Pharmacy Diploma and works now in a hospital in Chennai. Read more.


Focus on Design

A Massachusetts mom and grandmother are working with the talented women in Shanthimalai's embroidery section to create a line of hand embroidered, unbleached, organic cotton onesies for babies: "A Little Piece of Heaven"! Read more.

2019 Calendars

2019 Calendar Cover

The 2019 Calendar is an expression of the loving collaboration between the Om Shanti Project and Shanthimalai Handicrafts. Share each month of the year with one of the vibrant women who make up this community - through beautiful and inspiring photographs, stories, and quotes.

Your $10 donation/calendar helps support the widows of Om Shanthi.

To order contact: handcrafts@arunapartnership.org.

Online Donations

It's easy to donate online to the program of your choice. Donations are fully tax-deductible as allowed by law in the United States. Donate now!