Hybrid Learning Project

Access to the digital world is no longer a luxury. It’s a necessity.

Pilot Project

The pandemic has had a devastating impact on the education of our students. Thanks to a special grant and several  generous donations, the Hybrid Learning Pilot Project is off to a solid start.

Falling behind

Schools have officially been closed during the pandemic. Most students do not have access to computers or smartphones at home, and our schools lack the infrastructure to support adequate online learning. The children are motivated and their teachers are extraordinarily dedicated, so it’s heartbreaking to see them falling further and further behind because of these challenges.

Our schools have the know-how but not the financial resources.

During the lockdown, teachers have been meeting with students outdoors in small groups whenever possible. Very few of the students are able to work effectively with their teachers online. The pandemic underscores how critical it is to implement an online learning program that students can access not only in the current crisis but going forward.

This 18-month pilot project for 50 students and 8 teachers is a model that can be expanded upon.

Online learning will be critical even after the pandemic.

  • Teachers are creating an online curriculum that can be blended effectively with classroom instruction.
  • Online materials provide new and more effective ways to share knowledge with rural students.
  • New capabilities will prepare students for jobs in which online skills are the new normal. 

Funding is needed for:

  • Hardware (iPads or smartphones)
  • Software (server, Zoom, Learning Management teams, learning platform)
  • Data communication channels
  • Online educational content
  • Teacher training in technology and online/in-person hybrid interface

Seed money from generous donors got Hybrid Learning off to a great start in July of 2021. Already the project team has developed a set of lesson plans for the online curriculum, and teachers are learning new strategies and techniques. The pilot project will require an investment of $50,000… we’re over halfway there! 

Support the Hybrid Learning Project

Please consider making a contribution to this critically needed effort today.

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