Pandemic Relief

“The Covid-19 pandemic is unprecedented. This difficult time gives us a precious opportunity to support each other and ensure that we save as many lives as possible through collaboration.”

Executive Committee
Shanthimalai Trust

It's Not Over...

Bracing for a Third Surge

Tiruvannamalai is one of the hardest-hit districts in Tamil Nadu. Over 20% of the local population has tested positive for Covid-19 so far. More than 50% of households are symptomatic. Families are struggling as the region prepares for a third wave of infection. 

The Government is working hard to save lives, but few resources are available for such a vast population.  With years of experience and a reputation for excellence, our partner Shanthimalai was one of only 4 NGOs chosen to collaborate with local officials on the regional Covid Task Force.

Community Support

Vulnerable groups (migrants, children, daily wage workers, widows and other marginalized people) are facing significant food shortages. To compliment government efforts to meet their need, our partners on the ground in India are working tirelessly to provide food and other essentials to Covid-affected families and the poorest of the poor.

Together for India

In May, Navya’s “Together for India” project collaborated with Tata Memorial Centre to donate 65 life-saving oxygen concentrators and 8,000 N95 masks to Shanthimalai. Within two days, the Trust had distributed them throughout the district for immediate use by patients struggling to breathe. In recognition of Shanthimalai’s effectiveness, Tata donated 50 more O2 concentrators in June, along with 50 oximeters and more masks.

How do my donations help?

  • Direct aid through deliveries of hot meals and food staples to families in need
  • Medical care in an affiliated clinic
  • Oxygen supply for clinic patients
  • Establishment of a quarantine center
  • Financial support for families in need
  • Education about prevention of Covid -19
  • Support for our schools during the crisis

The Sri Ramana Maharshi Clinic expanded to become a multicare hospital with government-approved certification as a Covid Care Center.  Weekly Vaccination Camps on the school campus helped ease fears, so that more than 1,600 volunteered to be vaccinated. The government recently established well-run vaccination sites in every village. Now our partners are actively encouraging everyone to get vaccinated in his/her place of residence.

Award Winning Service

On August 15, 2021, the District Collector (District Administrator) recognized our partner Shanthimalai Trust for its outstanding performance in providing pandemic relief throughout the area. 

From left to right: Dr. Rajasekar (Shanthimalai Trustee), Mrs. Vijayalakshmi (Shanthimalai Trustee), Mr. Thiru G. Murugesh (District Collector), Mr. K. Subramanian (Shanthimalai Managing Trustee).


Heartfelt thanks for your support!

Ongoing donations to Pandemic Relief help save lives, feed the hungry, and support the education of village children during this unprecedented crisis.

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