Hybrid Learning Project

Building an online infrastructure is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity.

Pilot Project

All over the world, the pandemic brought educational institutions into crisis. In the rural South Indian district we serve, the impact was devasating.    

For most families in our schools, education is the only long-term way out of extreme poverty. Parents of sponsored students were already deeply in debt, unable to afford the most basic medical services or necessities. 

 Thanks to a special grant and your generous donations, the Hybrid Learning Pilot Project got off to a solid start in 2021.

Our schools faced daunting challenges.

The closure of both of our schools during the pandemic, and the significant hardships faced by students and teachers, led to an innovative plan to conduct classes outdoors in students’ home villages. This was an inspiring success, providing continuity and hope. But it was not enough.

We saw this as an opportunity for innovation and change.

The Pilot Project led to a fundamental rethinking of the structure of the schools. Faculty and students underwent rigorous new training in more holistic, interactive, and collaborative methods that introduced high tech into the learning process.

This 18-month pilot project for 50 students and 8 teachers became the basis for a long-term online infrastructure project.

How your 2021 donations were used:

$19,590 – Equipment

  • 30 Computers and headsets
  • 6 Overhead projectors
  • 10 iPads
  • 2 TV Screens 
  • 2 Printers, cables, wiring, Wi-Fi, internet, paint, etc.
  • Online curriculum

$10,000 – Training 

  • Training for 8 teachers for 8 months, 3-5 days/week, 3-4 hours/day. Team meetings were held online until the pandemic eased. 
  • Project management – Mr. Durai Ganesh, associate principal, and his team

Achievements to date:

  • Network set up for online systems
  • Agile projects and 2 project rooms set up
  • Formed a team for hardware and software management and accounting process
  • Set up “Microsoft Teams (MS Teams) workspaces for the school
  • Equipped and enabled 30 teachers with MS Teams software
  • Developed a 4-day training in basic, practical computer skills leading to computer literacy for 30 teachers
  • Held “Train-the Trainers” workshop
  • Equipped 4 classrooms with computer technology & software
  • Researched and made available online resources for developing the syllabus
  • Integrated online curriculum into 8 classrooms – 11th and 12th grades
  • Developed demo sessions for online distance teaching when class attendance is not possible


The new online infrastructure offers a crucially important building block for meaningful 21st century education. These basic technologies have been used in U.S. schools for 10-20 years, but are completely new to the teachers here. All 70 teachers are now eager to learn online teaching skills and to have access to the extensive new resources available online. 

Our schools are desperately underfunded. Your gifts have launched a build-out for critical infrastructure and have led to a significant shift in ways of thinking about education. Continued financial support is needed to build on this early success.

Support the Hybrid Learning Project

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