Spotlight on Sponsors - Diane Kellogg

Diane Kellogg

Diane Kellogg is an Associate Professor of Management at Bentley University and founded The Ghana Project in 2006. She and her husband Ed have six children and nine grandchildren.

Diane sponsored Mutharasu Munasamy's education for nine years. When he graduated from high school, Diane and her husband asked to sponsor another child. "Our family found it very rewarding to hear from Mutharasu each year, and know his life was getting better and better as he furthered his education."


"There was no better way to spend that money, so we decided to ask for another child to sponsor," Diane explains. They were given the sponsorship of a first grader, a little girl named Oviya Raja.

Two years later, Diane received a letter from Mutharasu. He had completed his undergraduate degree and had a Bachelor's degree in education. "Without your support and guidance," he wrote, "I wouldn't complete the degrees. I surrender my thanks and honor to my supporters."


Now Mutharasu wanted to get a Master's degree in English, because he hoped to become an English teacher. Since his mother worked as a sweeper at the local clinic, she couldn't afford to support him.

Without hesitation, Diane and her family offered to help. "Imagine how thrilled we were to hear from Mutharasu again, even after he graduated", she exclaims. "It was such good news to hear that he wanted to be a teacher. Helping him achieve that goal was a pleasure."

When asked why she feels it's so meaningful to sponsor the education of a child half way around the world, a child she'll never even meet, Diane replies, "The phrase 'think globally and act locally' was coined in 1969, well before the internet connected us to people all over the world and well before we knew how many billions and billions of celestial bodies are out there. Anyone living on this planet is my neighbor. Supporting education for a child on any continent feels very local to me."

"My granddaughter Helen is the same age as Oviya. I think I'll ask Helen to help me write next year's letter, and we'll send Helen's picture to Oviya, too!"

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