Spotlight on Sponsors - Betsy Connelly

Betsy Connelly

Eighty-five year old Betsy Connelly isn't shy about telling people about Aruna Partnership. "It happens to me all the time," she says. "I go out shopping and I carry my bag from Aruna Designs with me. Someone notices the bag and asks me where I got it. I say to them: do you know how to use a computer? Look up Aruna Partnership online, and I spell Aruna for them."

Betsy and her husband, Mark, have been strong supporters of Aruna Partnership for many years. "I look at the high quality of the handcrafts, and I can feel the love and caring that went into making them," she says.

Betsy and Mark also sponsor 8-year-old Kathiravan. They enjoy getting a letter from him once a year, and seeing how he has grown. "When you get to be my age," says Betsy, "you appreciate what's important in life. Giving a child a good education is one of those things."

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