Program Highlights

School Sponsorship Program

Our two schools offer rural children the chance to receive a quality education while remaining in their village homes.

  • This past year 100% of our students passed the rigorous government exams, far exceeding percentages for both the district and the state of Tamil Nadu!
  • 11th grade students won second prize at the 2013 International Environmental conference at Arunai College of Engineering.
  • Electric power is off for several hours every day. Now new solar panels supply uninterrupted electricity to the laboratories and the library.

Professional Training Program (PTP)

The economic outlook for high school graduates in the region is still quite bleak. Job training or further education is critical for employment.

  • To meet this need, we have expanded our service area from 40 villages to include 80 villages and the town of Tiruvannamalai.
  • Rajesh, a PTP student and former School Sponsorship student, received the "Young Scientists Award" for his inventions, which include a solar-powered field irrigation system.
  • We are very pleased to announce that we recently received a generous grant from the Moxie Foundation in San Diego for 18 Success Scholarships, to be awarded to promising PTP students in a variety of fields.

Om Shanthi Project

It is a joy once again to be able to support Anna Etter's Om Shanthi Project for destitute widows.

The Om Shanthi Old Age Home was originally intended as a hospice. With proper care, the women's health and will to live have been restored, and Om Shanthi has become a real home for abandoned and abused elderly women.

The most urgent priority is building a second house for 12 more widows. Due to rapidly increasing inflation in India, building materials are very expensive.

We need donations now to begin construction in June or July. Donations can be made online or by check.

Please see Anna's website for more information:

Care Now

Families in our district suffer from illiteracy, poverty, unsanitary conditions, poor health, and lack of employment opportunities. Barely able to make ends meet, they are often unable to provide for their aged parents or disabled family members. As a result, many suffer from extreme neglect.

Care Now currently supports about 650 elderly or disabled people, offering medical care, small pensions, blankets and other necessities.

Handcraft Project

Aruna Designs, our handcraft project, is developing new products and exploring new venues for selling them. Check out our product gallery! For more information, please email us at