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Rice, a staple of the South Indian diet, is sold in sacks that are constructed to be strong and resilient. Composed of some variation of cotton, linen, and synthetic materials, these bags are incredibly durable. They are often adorned with brilliantly colored traditional patterns and images, as well as Hindi and Tamil lettering. The bags themselves are absolutely beautiful!

Bags of rice are a ubiquitous feature of homes, shops, and restaurants in Tiruvannamalai. We hope that by incorporating this common material in our products we can, in some small way, provide a window into the unique brilliance of everyday life in rural South India.

In our t-shirts, the strength and integrity of the fabric is not lost in the process of recycling the bags. The bags continue to function as containers - no longer as containers for rice, but now as pockets on the shirts. We are excited to continue reimagining the utilitarian potential of recycled rice bags and we hope this will set a precedent for future designs that incorporate recycled materials.

Each t-shirt is unique, one-of-a kind.

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