A Closer Look at The Sponsorship Program
By Emily Piro

Child getting Lunch

"100 percent of donations received for the School Sponsorship Program go to children in need". What does this really mean on a day-to-day basis for our sponsor children? In talking with Sponsorship Coordinator Robin Walden, I focused on things that American children might take for granted.

Uniforms cost $16 per student each year, about the same as 5 Starbuck's coffees. Children are proud of their uniforms and often wear them for special occasions, even on non-school days. The smart, crisp uniform and new shoes are a symbol of hope for most families. They usually hang in a prominent place in the family home.

A student's daily hot lunch costs $85 annually. In India, one asks first "How are you?" and right away, "Did you eat? What did you eat?" Many of our children come from very poor families. Daily hot lunches nourish students, giving them a sense of well-being and security. This in turn, helps them concentrate on their studies.

Textbooks cost approximately $20 annually per student. Students know that, if you want to have a chance in India, you need an education. Competition is fierce, so they make a huge effort. After household chores, while family members sleep, students read under streetlights to finish their homework. For our students, books open up a world of new possibilities.

The school dropout rate is low, thanks to transportation provided at a cost of approximately $70 per student per year. Free school bus rides can mean the difference between regular attendance and having to drop out.

School buses are also used for field trips, offering our children life experiences beyond their village. This is a very important aspect of their education. Imagine the joy of seeing the ocean for the first time, or a 3D movie about space! Students love sharing these experiences with their sponsors!

School Children

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Your gift of $35/month covers tuition and fees, uniforms, textbooks, free medical care (including regular checkups and immunizations), transportation, field trips and other cultural opportunities. Such a small amount of money makes a HUGE difference in your sponsor child's life!

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