Spotlight on Sponsors - Marjorie Layman

Marjorie Layman

Marjorie Layman works as a freelance writer in pharmaceutical research. She is also an artist, painting in watercolor, acrylic, and pastels. Marjorie has studied and practices herbal medicine and energy healing for herself and her family, friends, and pets. After living in the Boston area for decades, Marjorie is enjoying the peace and quiet of living in Keene, NH, where she grew up, surrounded by forests, lakes, and mountains.

Deborah Cake introduced me to Aruna Partnership. Deborah has been a good friend for many years, ever since we met at a painting class in the early 1990's. I had bought some of the Aruna Designs handicrafts from Deborah and she had shared a lot about her work with the organization. When she told me that she and her mother were sponsoring a child through Aruna, and how the School Sponsorship program worked, I thought about it and decided that I'd also like to give a child such a wonderful opportunity to get an education.


My parents were both strong believers in education. My dad was a college professor and my mom created and managed a volunteer teachers aid program in the public school system. They were good examples, showing me that learning and having an open mind and heart are the keys to a good life.

It's been heartwarming to receive the annual letters from Thendral, along with the photos of him growing into a young man. I felt drawn to him when I first entered the program and had to select a child to sponsor from looking at a few photographs. There was something in his eyes. He looked a bit troubled to me. As it turned out, after he had been in the program a couple of years, he was diagnosed with epilepsy. I learned that, by being sponsored, he was able to receive wonderful medical care for his condition that his family probably would not have had access to otherwise. I felt happy that I could help in this way.

Thendral has been a good student and has wanted to go on to college, and I feel proud that he has done so well. I just learned that Thendral finished his Pharmacy Diploma this summer, and has a job working at Apollo Hospital in Chennai. I have worked for many years in pharmaceutical research, so I feel a connection to him in that way.


Thendral is a warm-hearted person. He always sounds so loving and grateful for the sponsor program in his letters. He clearly loves his family and wants to contribute to a better world. I hope that he enjoys his work and continues to have a life full of love.

Sunset, Wellfleet

"Sunset, Wellfleet",
watercolor by Marjorie Layman