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"A Little Piece of Heaven"

Usha McClelland Molinari and her husband Nick live in Beverly, MA. They have a 2-year-old son, and another baby on the way in April. Usha spent holidays in India all through her childhood and longs to take her family "home" to Arunachala.

Usha McClelland Molinari

I've enjoyed sharing ideas with the Aruna Designs team and helping with product development since I was 16. I began by designing cosmetic bags and clutches, but these days my world is all about babies! When my mom, who helps coordinate the handcraft project in the States, told me that the embroidery section needed work, I started thinking about baby products.

Incredibly soft, organic cotton is available in India. I especially love their unbleached cotton that looks and feels so natural.

Mom and I realized that hand embroidered onesies would make unique, one-of-a-kind gifts that would appeal to anyone looking for something special for a little one. We brainstormed ideas for launching the line for the holidays. Then Mom sketched ideas on graph paper, and we worked together to fine tune them.

The talented artisans in India brought our graph paper sketches beautifully to life.


The quality of the embroidery is phenomenal! It's really hard to embroider by hand on jersey material. They don't even use embroidery hoops!

They also don't use the stiff interfacing found on the inside of most machine embroidery that can irritate a baby's tender skin. These onesies, made so lovingly by Indian widows, are incredibly soft to the touch. They can be machine washed and dried, which I really care about - as does any busy mom!

The onesies are selling out after just one week, so we've ordered more from India. This spring, we'll offer two new designs with short sleeves.

When I held my newborn son, Arjuna, he felt like a little piece of heaven. We're really excited to share these beautiful onesies with you and your own little piece of heaven!


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