Spotlight on Sponsors - Lynn & John Adams

Lynn and Family

Lynn and John Adams live in Birmingham, Alabama, where they enjoy spending time with their grandchildren, Margaret and Lukas.

Lynn writes: "We are so pleased to be asked by Aruna Partnership to write a little about our experience as sponsors of two children over a number of years."

Beginning in 2003, we first sponsored Suriya who was about 8 years old and in the second standard. We had chosen a girl from the available children, since opportunities for girls are very limited. Suriya's situation was dire. Her father had left the family. Her mother was a laborer whose income was far from adequate to support her and her children.

Suriya wanted to go to the Sri Ramana Maharshi school and we were happy to sponsor her, knowing that her sponsorship would help support her family as well.

The next year, her report to us noted that she was a "slow learner" but very willing to continue her studies. We were too! And we helped her all the way through the secondary school. During her last year, we learned that she wanted to drop out and get married.


Confronting the weight of the Indian culture, the wise and caring director of the School Sponsorship Program gently and quietly convinced Suriya to wait until she could support herself with a learned skill. She relented, and with our offer of continuing support, she enrolled in and successfully completed a nursing midwife assistant program through the Professional Training Program of Shanthimalai Trust. We are very proud of her!


Premkumar is our current sponsored child. He is bright, energetic and eager to learn.

His mother is a widow with three children to support. It has been our great pleasure to see how he has thrived since we began with him in 2012. Each year his letters in English have reflected his improvement. An additional personal aspect to this sponsorship is that he is the same age as our granddaughter, Margaret. She looks forward to his annual letter and photo and reading about his progress. She has written him as well, and he now inquires about her, her brother, and their dog with each letter!

The Aruna Partnership School Sponsorship Program has been a wonderful way for our family to look beyond ourselves by giving these children hope and a promising future. We have been richly blessed by this opportunity to make a difference, however small, in this troubled world.