Spotlight on Sponsors - Nancy Heselton

Nancy Heselton

Nancy Heselton is an artist and gardener living in Concord, MA. She and her husband Jeff sponsor Thendral, who is now in 9th Grade.

I grew up in Maine, and found out about this project through a trip to India. I've always been interested in spirituality and energy, and how that works in our material world. I feel in India the spiritual life is very much closer to the surface, more alive in daily life than it is here. There was so much beauty - the colors, the saris. Maybe because there were so many people, it felt like a constant kaleidoscope of color and faces and movement and energy.

A beautiful rice powder design

Every morning the women took rice powder and made beautiful patterns on their doorsteps. Then the designs just got brushed away as people walked in and out. The next morning they did it again. In India, there is a rhythmic sense of the beauty of life, and people realize it has to be woven over and over every day. It's not something that has an end or a beginning. It's just part of the fabric of life.

Children Dancing

The school is part of the community, which contributes to the richness of that whole school. Thendral is immersed in her community and culture and family all the time while she's getting an education. These are deep roots, and I feel they are so important for a healthy human being.

I wanted to sponsor a girl. Girls are always the last ones to get the opportunity to be educated. My sense of Thendral is that she is a pretty incredible person. I don't know what her family is like, but I feel her family must be very supportive of her, enough to want her to go to the school.

You need the support of the family, so the child can actually absorb and be present with what the school has to offer.

What I hope for Thendral is what I hope for my own kids. I hope that she will find something that she truly loves to do. I hope she follows what she loves and works hard at it. I'd love for her to go on to college. I think she's a bright little star. I think she could do whatever she wants to do!

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