Program Highlights

School Sponsorship Program

Today Sri Ramana Maharshi Matriculation School (grades 1 to 12) stands out as one of the best in all of Tamil Nadu.

School Sponsorship

About 40% of the students are from extremely poor backgrounds with illiterate parents. They depend on sponsors to be able to attend school.

  • Sponsorship candidates include:
    • Children of widows or destitute families
    • Children whose parents are handicapped or ill (HIV/AIDS)
    • Children who show great academic promise but whose parents cannot afford tuition.
  • Regular parent-teacher meetings encourage and guide parents in supporting their children's education.
  • Although most parents of sponsored students are illiterate, sponsorship students now perform as well as more advantaged students.

Professional Training Program (PTP)

PTP has expanded significantly in recent months.

  • Our dedicated PTP coordinator, Mr. G. Venkatesan, is constantly seeking new placement opportunities for our students. His top priority is to enroll students in programs with good employment prospects after graduation.
  • Mr. Sridhar Ganesh, former HR director for the Murugappa Group, one of the largest conglomerates in India, recently volunteered to make contacts for our students and help guide the development of PTP.
  • Through a generous grant, the Moxie Foundation in San Diego is currently sponsoring the full education and training of 18 PTP students. Read more in A Closer Look at PTP.
  • We need more individual donors to offer a year of nursing school or vocational training or higher education. Those who have been inspired to make a gift have changed lives.

Om Shanthi Project

The Om Shanthi Project is becoming known throughout the area as a center where women at risk can seek help and find refuge.

Plans to build a second home for elderly widows are almost complete. We had to delay construction because of the urgency of providing training and jobs for younger widows with children.

Om Shanthi Project
  • The new handcraft training program offers a safe place to work for 20 destitute widows and other women at risk. The Fair Trade handcrafts they produce enable the women to support themselves and their children with dignity, and to regain a lost sense of self-respect.
  • Thanks to generous donations to the building fund, soon 13 more elderly women will be housed, fed and given medical care.
  • Our social worker Kodimalli has successfully applied for government pensions for about 150 widows. The widows could not have completed the complicated application process without help.

Care Now

The program continues to care for about 650 elderly or disabled people by providing medical care, small monthly pensions, blankets and other necessities.

Staff are always ready to offer emergency support to families in our district who suffer from illiteracy, unsanitary conditions, and debilitating physical or mental illnesses.

Aruna Designs

Batik Medallion

Aruna Designs, our handcraft project, is exploring online sales and hopes to offer batiks for sale on our website in the spring. For more information, please email us at