A Closer Look at Professional Training
By Darlene Shura and Joni Rose

A Closer Look A Closer Look A Closer Look

In the poor rural communities we serve, young people have very little hope of finding meaningful employment. Our School Sponsorship Program enables children from difficult circumstances to stay in school, get a first-rate education and graduate from high school. Unfortunately, these students - who have worked with such tremendous dedication - still face dismal job prospects. Now our Professional Training Program (PTP) offers them a real chance to escape the debilitating cycle of poverty their families have endured for generations.

PTP provides a wide range of support, including:

  • Scholarships for continuing education and training
  • Career guidance and counselling
  • Employment workshops and more

Uplifting news

Recently, the Moxie Foundation in San Diego, California made a generous grant to PTP for 18 Success Scholarships. For the young people who receive them, these scholarships are life changing.


Subithra: Kamban Technical Training Institute

When her husband died in an accident, Subithra's future as an impoverished young widow in rural India looked bleak. Her PTP scholarship for training as an electrician is truly a lifeline, offering Subithra the chance to support herself and her baby with dignity.

Priya and Priyanka Priya and Priyanka

Priya and Priyanka: Paul Institute of Special Teacher Training

As orphans, Priya and Priyanka had no hope of becoming teachers. When the Moxie Foundation offered a scholarship, Terres des Homme Core Trust matched the funds. Now both young women eagerly look forward to learning how to help children with special needs.


Prakash: Gedee Technical Training Center

Even with a high school degree, Prakash had little chance of finding a good job without further training. The Gedee program offers international certification and 100% job placement in a wide range of technical careers. Prakash is the only student in the district to attend this prestigious institute.

Quick facts

  • PTP serves more than 80 rural villages in an area where only 15% of high school students pursue higher education.
  • Mentors connect students with PTP graduates including software engineers, auto mechanics, scientists and teachers.
  • The program places PTP graduates in jobs in their fields.

The next step

We are seeking funding from individuals and corporations in India and around the world. More than 1,100 students have participated since 2006. Many more are waiting for sponsors.

If you would like to help, please donate or email info@arunapartnership.org for more information.