Sponsor a Child, Change a Life
Empower Women Through Business
Care for Abandoned Elderly Widows
Support Skill Development
Fund Environmental Stewardship

“Aruna” is the root of the Sanskrit word for compassion and part of the name Arunachala — a Mountain in South India considered sacred since ancient times.

For more than 30 years, we have worked as volunteers to honor the cultural heritage of this area by funding projects that uplift women, children and impoverished families.

Areas of Focus

Aruna Partnership is run entirely by volunteers who pay all of their own costs. Our small organizational overhead is covered by sales of Aruna Designs handcrafts. This means 100% of your donations go directly to India to the people and programs you support.

Contributions to these three areas open doors for those in need and strengthen the entire community.

Heartfelt thanks for your support!

Since the pandemic began, Aruna Partnership’s donor base increased by 175%, demonstrating that donors trust us to be effective in times of crisis. Your generosity has helped our partners in India save lives and feed the hungry.

Masks Distributed
Meals Served
Bags of Staples Delivered

Success Stories

The success of each individual inspires an entire community and brings hope to many.  Here are a few of the lives transformed through the generosity of our donors:  from poverty to prosperity, from lives full of obstacles to lives full of confidence and joy.

Latest News

Pandemic Response:

In September, 2021, Shanthimalai received a Certificate of Appreciation for Excellence from the Indian government for service to the local population during the pandemic.

Spotlight on Sponsors:

School Sponsorships offer quality education and new opportunities to children from impoverished families. The relationships developed over the years often offer far more.

School Sponsorship Program:

School reopening has been delayed repeatedly during the pandemic. Grades 9-12 finally reopened in September 2021. Other classes remain closed for in-person learning. 


Launch of Hybrid Learning Pilot Project

Building an online infrastructure is critical for this rural area. As students and teachers struggled to meet outdoors, the pandemic underscored the urgent need for an online program to keep students from falling further behind academically and prepare them for a changing job market. Read more about the Hybrid Learning Project.

Funds Donated
$32,890 65.78%

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