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Empower Women Through Business
Care for Abandoned Elderly Widows
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“Aruna” is the root of the Sanskrit word for compassion and part of the name Arunachala — a Mountain in South India considered sacred since ancient times.

For more than 30 years, we have worked as volunteers to honor the cultural heritage of this area by funding projects that uplift women, children and impoverished families.

Areas of Focus

Aruna Partnership is run entirely by volunteers who pay all of their own costs. Our small organizational overhead is covered by sales of Aruna Designs handcrafts. This means 100% of your donations go directly to India to the people and programs you support.

Contributions to these three areas open doors for those in need and strengthen the entire community.

Education for Children in Need

“From the very beginning of their school experience, values of equality and deep respect for each other are instilled, regardless of caste or family income.”

Hugo and Anne Maier
Founders of Shanthimalai Trust  

Watch this video to see what makes these schools unique

Make a long term investment in the life of a child

The School Fund provides resources and opportunities to children and families in need. Over the last three decades, donors have offered a way out of poverty and illiteracy to more than 18,000 children. 100% of your gift goes to educational programs that we visit and monitor every year.

Support the School Fund

Shelter and Job Training

Our partnership with Shanthimalai has grown and deepened over many decades, leading to the creation of sustainable programs that transform lives and strengthen communities.  

The Mangalam Welfare Project for widows and destitute women of working age addresses all aspects of the women’s lives including work, home life, health and education.

The Om Shanthi Home provides a loving refuge for abandoned elderly widows in an assisted living, end-of-life community.

Shanthimalai’s Skill Development Program  prepares students for an extremely competitive job market by offering vocational training or advanced study to high school graduates who otherwise could never afford it.

Environmental Stewardship

The Environmental Stewardship Program is working in coordination with local authorities to replenish and preserve the environment around the sacred mountain Arunachala. 

Trash collection on the Girivalam Road:  For many years, the Environmental Stewardship team has worked with local authorities to collect refuse left by pilgrims on 3 miles of the holy path around Arunachala.

Organic model farm:  22 depleted, unused acres at the foot of Arunachala have been transformed into a lush organic farm. Farmers from surrounding villages come to learn organic farming methods among coconut palms, mango trees, vegetables, herbs, and fields of flowers. School groups participate in planting trees and are inspired by their experiences here of a green, biodiverse oasis.

Native tree plantation:  A tree is a natural wonder, converting around 48 lbs of carbon dioxide into oxygen per year through photosynthesis. Our partners in India are cultivating thousands of native trees on acreage that was previously neglected. The Trust has already donated many saplings to local schools and public spaces.

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