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Sponsor a child's education


With our support, the Sri Ramana Maharshi Matriculation Higher Secondary School opened its doors in 1994. Each year, the school enables over 1000 local children to receive a quality education while remaining in their village homes. It accepts children from grades 1 to 12.

From the very beginning of their school experience, students learn values of equality and respect for one another - regardless of caste, religion or family income.

What does sponsoring a child involve?

Each sponsor is asked to donate $420 yearly (or $35/month) for each sponsored child. We ask that you commit to support your child for a period of 10 years.

Over the years you will be able to watch and encourage your sponsor child's development. In return, your sponsor child can rely on you to help him or her finish school. The sense of security this gives to a village child is immeasurable.

What does my sponsorship donation cover? It provides:

  • school fees
  • educational supplies
  • school uniforms
  • school bus transportation
  • lunch (for some the only nutritious meal)
  • cultural programs and excursions
  • regular medical checkups, and follow-up care

In cases of illness or unemployment at home - situations which typically would end schooling for poor village children - we provide extra support to the family.

How will I know how my child is doing?

Our program coordinator visits the school each year to follow the progress of every sponsored child. She will send you a brief school report and photographs once a year.

You may also write to your child, although this is not required. If you do choose to send a letter, your child will write back. Many sponsors find it a joy to keep in touch in this way: it brings their sponsored child more closely into their own family circle.

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