Evening of Life

Often, poor families must leave their villages to seek work. Unsure of the future, they may be forced to abandon elderly or disabled relatives. Those left behind are helpless, with no shelter, no food and no income.

Patu Pattu
People are afraid of Pattu because she is a leper. Even though leprosy has been eradicated in this area, aging lepers are outcasts. Through Care Now , we provide medical care and a small pension to Pattu. Encouraged by clinic staff, Pattu's grandson - her only relative - now visits her regularly and helps any way he can.
Avudaiyammal Avudaiyammal
Avudaiyammal had no home, no money and no work skills. Both of her sons have mental disorders. Her life was hopeless until she heard about the way Shanthimalai cares for the elderly. Somehow she traveled the long distance to Arunachala with her sons. Now they all receive help through Care Now .
Valliyammal Valliyammal
Valliyammal lost her son and his wife in a tragic fire that burned their home to the ground. Valliyammal managed to pull her grandchildren out in time. The hut was rebuilt for her through the kindness of our partner Shanthimalai's Women's Society. Care Now gives Valliyammal a regular pension and free medical care from our clinic.