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Care for those in crisis

Our focus at Aruna is help for self-help. But there are times when overwhelming need requires a direct response. As we saw in the 2004 tsunami, life here can change in an instant:

  • if a parent dies
  • if monsoon rains cause severe flooding
  • if aging parents are abandoned when a poor family moves to seek work.

In times like these, there is an urgent need for basic, practical help.

The Care Now Program

Through a donation to Aruna's Care Now program, you can help those in crisis get the support they truly need. Our projects offer food, clothing, blankets, medical care, and other essentials, including financial aid.

Evening of Life This project provides small monthly pensions and free medical care to over 900 elderly or disabled people. Learn more

Winter Blankets Each year when the cold monsoon rains come, our local partner Shanthimalai distributes blankets to more than 3,000 villagers. See more photos

Tsunami Relief Thank you! With your generous donations, Aruna built 5 orphan homes and provided aid to other victims of the 2004 tsunami. Our tsunami relief efforts are now fulfilled! Learn more

We deeply thank you for making it possible to help these poorest of the poor.

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